The Hopper Project

Entomologist/Herpetologist: Oz
Field Assistant: Willow
Photography: Jenn
Field of Study: Amphibians and various Orthoptera and Ensifera insects
Date: The Hopper Project officially commenced on Sept. 15, 2017

Globally, the number of known amphibian species is approximately 7,000, of which nearly 90% are frogs. There are 13 species of frogs found in Ontario, Canada, where Spruce Lawn is located. Of those 13, two are toads and five are tree frogs. There are also 13 species of salamanders found in Ontario, some of which are endangered.

Since the age of two and a half, Oz has been obsessively catching, for the purpose of short-term studying, our frog friends, as well as various insects. His adventures in herpetology and entomology began with the butterflies in our garden, at the storm water runoff at our nearby beach in Huron Ridge, and continued/expanded after our move to Spruce Lawn.

Much of Oz’s free time is spent surreptitiously hunting for frogs, toads and insects of interest around the property. He often practices his speed, agility and stealth by gently catching house flies out of thin air inside the home and is very skilled at the collection of our resident amphibious specimens.

The northern leopard frog and American toad are commonly found at Spruce Lawn and are among Oz’s most captured specimens.






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