Pearce, Jenn, two children, two dogs and one troublesome cat relocated to Spruce Lawn in November 2016. At the moment of their arrival the property was in a sad state of neglect. Though we knew the condition of the property when we purchased the historical homestead, we were continuously surprised and disappointed as we began cleanup of the once-beautiful gem. To discover that someone could treat their home as if it was a garbage dump, with no consideration for the preservation or conservation of the land and the animals that inhabit it, was so heartbreaking.

The plan for Spruce Lawn is to restore the pasture land, outfit the smaller barn for chickens, build a greenhouse by repurposing the home’s original wood windows (slated for replacement October 2017), landscape the historical barn foundation, rejuvenate the gardens, plant an orchard and establish an extensive herb garden.


Spruce Lawn is an 70 acre property on the edge of Glammis, Ontario. A small hamlet that borders the municipalities of Kincardine and Brockton in Bruce County. It is home to an Italianate-style yellow brick farmhouse, built between 1884 and 1899. It was first the home of a once-prominent businessman and mill owner named Thomas Pickard, whose descendants now live in Toronto. It was originally dubbed Spruce Lawn due to the amount of beautiful spruce trees growing on the property.

Here’s a snippet from the local historical society’s book on Glammis:

The new residence, with extensive landscaped gardens, was called “Spruce Lawn” and was quite a showpiece. Much entertaining of community and extended family took place in the large beautiful home full of young people. Spruce Lawn was the scene of at least three weddings.